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About Thirukural

Thirukkural constitutes one of the most important literary works in Tamil (Dravidian language of southern India). It is generally reckoned that Kural was composed during the Sangam Period of literary development in Tamil (500-200 BC). Thirukural was composed by Thiruvalluvar.

Thirukural is a work of 1330 couplets each of which conforms to the structure of "Kural Venba", a grammatical construction with two lines of four and three words respectively. The work is arranged in 133 Adhikarams, each with 10 couplets. The 133 Adhikarams are divided into three major groups known as "Aram", "Porul" and "Inbam". Aram represents Virtue, Porul defines the principles of Life for common people as well as the State. The last section deals with aspects of Love.

About Thiruvalluvar

Thiruvalluvar is a one of the greatest Tamil poet, who lived 2000 years ago and described the life and the life style very practically in Thirukkural (One of the oldest and most revered poems in Tamil). Thirukkural is regarded globally as its ethics are highly valued for making the life better and applicable forever. Not much is known about Tiruvalluvar, the author of the work though it is believed that he was born in Mylaopore (Chennai, Tamilnadu) and belonged to the weaver community.


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